Standard Service Packages for Good Faith Estimates

Our Approach


The goal of Project Clarity is to provide patients and their advocates with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding provider selection, treatment options and potential beneficiary out of pocket costs. To this end, we are working to create a scalable framework to model good faith estimates to assist providers and payers in furnishing upfront price estimates for a typical patient. This proposed method uses advanced data science, longitudinal claims data, and industry feedback to mature a robust library of standard service packages and episodes of care for a typical patient, published in an open manner for developer access and use.

Our Vision

Making price transparency more useful by developing openly producible, standardized service definitions.

Our Mission

Create a growing library of openly accessible technical resources for providers, payers, health IT applications to simplify a consumer’s understanding and use of Good Faith Estimates and Advanced EOBs.

How to Leave Feedback

We’d love to hear feedback on the following:

  • Are the provisional 10 service packages the ones the group would like to start with to demonstrate this project to industry? Or, are there other more favorable service package candidates in the “Additional Available Service Packages” section?
    • You may also review the appendices to become familiar with the government-mandated shoppable services.
  • Do the contents of the service packages accurately reflect an archetypal list of associated charges for this service?
    • Note, this iteration of Standard Service Packages is only for a service event, not an episode.
  • Does the methodology appear sound to algorithmically generate Standard Service Packages?
    • Note: the goal is for algorithms to get us 95% of the way there, with ongoing expert clinical review to finalize the Service Package Library on a recurring basis